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New True Crime vs. Crime-in-the-Media Community ♥

killer_culture is a community for those interested in true crime as well as related books, movies, television shows, etc. Anything related to true crime (even fictional) is welcome here: debates, discussions concerning TV shows, movies, books (Dexter, Criminal Minds, Forensic Files, Law & Order, Psycho, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, etc.), icons, questions, news articles, pictures, reviews, pretty much anything relevant is permitted!

We're looking for interested members, "fans" of various crime-based shows/movies/books/etc. to keep debates/discussions fresh and interesting and to get the ball rolling. We don't want to focus on just one show or just one subject or be an all icons/graphics community. We want it to be open to people from all fandoms and walks of life to discuss their likes/dislikes or ask questions (example: "how accurate would what Dexter did (by doing this) be?") or whatever your pleasure may be! If this turns into a "one-trick-pony", it's going to die fast, and we don't want that!

We're trying to stand out; since there are tons of true crime communities and tons of fandom communities. We're combining the two, in a sense!

If anyone has any questions, concerns or suggestions, contact me or the other mod, ar_poe.
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Fanart: Sketch of "The Reaper" ♥

Here's a sketch I did last night of C. Thomas Howell as "The Reaper" in "Criminal Minds" and I think it totally sucks!

Collapse )

I posted it on Facebook and tagged CTH in it, not realizing it would appear on his page.

The caption read: "Crappy sketch of "The Reaper". Be gentle! I haven't drawn anything in nearly 10 years!! Sorry for making you look like an ape, Tom!"

This morning, he commented on my drawing on Facebook.

C Thomas Howell "crappy"??? C'mon now.....
Thank you very much....
It's awesome.."

I suspect he was just being nice but, I promised him I'd work on a better one.

♥ Thanks for the compliment, though, Tom!! It made my day! ♥
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Mod Post: Brief Hiatus ♥

Hi guys,

I contracted malware, a virus, trojans etc...which posed as an antivirus program called "Antivirus Soft." My photos/screencaps/files are all on my computer but I can't view them without the problem wiping out all my programs again. I tried fixing it to no avail. So, I won't be making icons and junk until my computer-guy fixes it for me. Fortunately, I have everything backed up, if he has to wipe everything and start over. I've also been having some health issues that have kept me away.

I may not be around for a few days, if computer-guy has to take my laptop to his place to work on it.


I promise to post more once all this gets resolved! I'll even take some requests for icons/banners/etc.!

Please keep the community alive by posting entries of your own and commenting on those posted.

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TV Show and/or Movie Discussion ♥

If you could cast C. Thomas Howell in any role for any show or movie (even if it's a "remake"), which would it be? What shows would you like to see him on? What sort of character would you like to see him play?

I, for one, would love to see him as another serial killer! Perhaps on Dexter! Or maybe in (yet another) Ted Bundy movie, where he plays Ted Bundy, circa 1980s, in prison, recapping his crimes and such. I love bad guys and I love him as one so I'd be happy to see him play the villian in just about anything!

As far as Celeb-reality TV, I'm not a huge fan of them...or any reality shows, for that matter. I do want to see the entire season of "Celebracadabra". I might also watch if he were to appear on "Dancing with the Stars" or something like that!

Also, I'm excited to see the results of the movie he's working on with Judd Nelson!
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Celebracadabra Outtakes and..??? ♥

As stated in my own journal (where I also posted this!): God I love his voice...and his smile is contagious! ♥ (I usually don't smile just because someone else does but he makes me grin like a moron). And he's so handsome/gorgeous! (swoons like a fangirl!)

Also, regarding this next one: I have no words! All I can think of is Howell as "The Reaper" (from Criminal Minds), dressed like that...and my brain dies a little.

Has anyone seen Celebracadabra? I missed it and search for his shows/movies about every 2 weeks and haven't seen it listed to re-air.
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News: Southland on TNT ♥

'Southland' on TNT: Re-experiencing a terrific new series
by Ken Tucker
January 13, 2010

Last night we had an unusual opportunity to re-experience a new series. Southland began its run on TNT; the cable network is re-airing the NBC episodes. The pilot last night had six minutes of new material that lengthened a few scenes for added character details and atmospheric texture.

I found that, having seen all seven of Southland’s episodes on NBC, it was a complete pleasure watching the pilot again, to see where all the seeds were planted for upcoming plot developments. The way Ben McKenzie’s rookie character is initially so polite and deferential that his fellow cops think he must be from Canada. The way C. Thomas Howell’s Billy is such a fascinating d—wad right from the start. The way Regina King’s Det. Adams maintains a mask of objectivity while zeroing in on the sources of the terrible crimes she witnesses or tries to prevent.

Most of all, I noticed how creator Ann Biderman and her writers and directors shaped the show to slowly reveal surprising details about many regular characters, and laid the foundation for what was clearly meant to be a drama in the tradition of Hill Street Blues and ER — that is, fine NBC dramas. Before NBC squandered that tradition and cancelled it.

Starting Mar. 2, TNT will begin airing six new episodes.

Will you be watching?

♥ Source: EW.com
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Update: Movie: "First Howl" ♥

Shia LaBeouf Movie Canned
by Clint Morris
January 4, 2010

I can attest to how lousy the landscape for film finance is right now – in short, there’s no coin to be had. When it comes to smaller, superhero-less features your best bet is to essentially take a second mortgage out on your home... if you’re that keen to make your flick. And people do. We do.

One of my films (“First Howl” with Eric Stoltz, Kristina Anapau, and C.Thomas Howell) was due to lens in February (2009). But six weeks or so out from production, the financiers went belly-up – leaving “First Howl” and a dozen or so other films that the cabbage-lenders had invested in, in limbo. There’s nothing you can do when that happens – accept extend options, update your casts’ LOI’s, and speak to some of those other (sometimes, initially interested) parties about taking over the production. In our case, we simply put that film on the shelf and got another up. And we will return to “Howl” at a later date. Probably. (We start a new film in March – which will be announced soon – and have another in pre-production, ready to go shortly after it, so the werewolf pic likely won’t happen before 2010, even if a new production company does get involved).

♥ The rest of the article can be found here.