February 9th, 2010

[t bundy] pensive

Fanart: Sketch of "The Reaper" ♥

Here's a sketch I did last night of C. Thomas Howell as "The Reaper" in "Criminal Minds" and I think it totally sucks!

Collapse )

I posted it on Facebook and tagged CTH in it, not realizing it would appear on his page.

The caption read: "Crappy sketch of "The Reaper". Be gentle! I haven't drawn anything in nearly 10 years!! Sorry for making you look like an ape, Tom!"

This morning, he commented on my drawing on Facebook.

C Thomas Howell "crappy"??? C'mon now.....
Thank you very much....
It's awesome.."

I suspect he was just being nice but, I promised him I'd work on a better one.

♥ Thanks for the compliment, though, Tom!! It made my day! ♥